Reference Service Policy

  • Service Priorities

  • Service to the University community has priority over all other tasks. Simultaneous requests will be managed at the reference librarian's discretion with regard to urgency, complexity and availability of staff resources. In person, telephone, e-mail, and Internet reference requests will be handled in the order they are received.

    As for outside users being able to make use of UM Library, the reference service we mainly provide is to teach users how to find information in our library in view of our limited resources. Users, who have any questions in using the Library, are welcome to seek assistance at the Reference Desk (Tel: 8822 8170) during the service hours.

  • Referrals to Other Libraries

  • If the reference librarian deems it appropriate to refer the patron to another library, the reference librarian must verify that the material is at the recommended library. If it is not possible to call the agency immediately, the reference librarian has to encourage the patron to call ahead before traveling to the library. The reference librarian will provide the name, address, and telephone number of the library to the patron. The reference librarian will verify this information if possible.

  • Types of questions:

    • General enquiry (where the answer can be retrieved from the library collection)
    • Request for suggestions on appropriate sources for research (i.e. Provision of Bibliographies)
    • Simply directory (i.e. location and demonstration on system operation)
  • Questions replied with limited guidance:

    • Questions that require analysis and opinions regarding the issues
    • Medical and legal questions
    • Translation of words or passages
    • Lengthy research on a topic
    • Quiz questions
    • Homework, projects, essays and assignments
    • In the duration of no staff at the Reference Desk, student helper on duty, if consulted, will help to convey the user’s enquiries to the staff responsible for reply.
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