Information Literacy Sessions

    Information literacy (IL) is the ability to access, evaluate, and use information effectively, efficiently, and ethically. It is an essential competence for academic success, lifelong learning, and civic engagement.

    The UM Library offers a variety of classes to students in academic units or residential colleges. These classes provide knowledge and skills necessary to effectively locate, evaluate, and use information from various sources. This empowers you to become a critical user and responsible creator of information, and helps you succeed both academically and professionally.

    The UM Library provides Information Literacy (IL) Courses includes 10 sessions, including:

    1. Start your academic journey with Discovery Search
    2. Journal papers: the secret to staying on top of the latest research
    3. Re-discover books: how to conduct systematic retrieval and research
    4. The secret for efficiency and effectiveness: scientific citation analysis and visualization
    5. Avoiding plagiarism: reference management with EndNote
    6. Master the library resources on your own subjects
    7. Patent Databases for Your Research Projects
    8. DIY Video Production: A Step-by-Step Guide to Making Your Own Videos
    9. Qualtrics 101: A Guide to Data Collection and Analysis
    10. Digital Scholarship Research Skills: Developing and Applying Digital Methods in Your Research

    Each session lasts 1-1.5 hours and can be attended independently. A certificate will be awarded when finish any 6 sessions.

    These library classes are available throughout the year and can be hold a request 7 days in advance by teaching staff via email at