Acquisition Services

UM Wu Yee Sun Library encourages faculty members to make any book, journal or electronic resource suggestions to the Library. Kindly note that all the recommended materials will be placed in the Library once received. The form can be obtained through the following ways.

  1. Obtain the forms at the Circulation Counter and Reference Services Desk.
  2. Download the forms via our Library's websites :

Types of Recommendations

There are five types of recommendation available in the Library. Faculty members need to fill the form whenever recommending library materials. The recommendation forms have to be endorsed by the Director of your center or Dean of your Faculty. Then return the form to the Library directly or send it to the Library Committee Representative of your faculty.

  1. Book Recommendation
  2. Books recommendation is applicable to all languages.

  3. Textbook Recommendation
  4. Textbook is defined as major teaching material used in the class for a specific course. The borrowing period for a teacher equals to the duration of course he/she teaches.

  5. Journal Recommendation
  6. Journal subscription period is set from January through December.

  7. Audio Visual Material Recommendation
  8. Audio Visual Materials include video materials, audio materials, CD, CD-ROM or DVD-ROM.

  9. Electronic Resource Recommendation
  10. Electronic Resources included e-books, e-journals, databases and any other type of online resources.

Reference Resource for Selecting Materials

The Library's websites provide links to the major publishers and book vendors. Faculty members are welcome to use all these reference tools for selecting relevant class materials.

Notes for Recommendation Forms

Kindly take note of the following points before you submit the Recommendation Form to the Library.

  1. E-mail Recommendation
    The recommendation forms sending to the Library from the Deans' or Directors' email accounts are acceptable.
  2. Reserved Materials
    Faculty Members can make a remark at the recommendation form in order to place the recommended materials at the Circulation Counter once they arrived at the Library. Students can loan them for 3 hours and 3 items each time at Circulation Counter
  3. Urgent Request for Ordering Materials
    If the recommended materials are urgently required for teaching purpose, faculty member may check the box of "URGENT" listed at the Recommendation Form. The Technical Process Unit will process such requests accordingly.
  4. Copies of the Books
    Generally, the Library will not order a title exceeding four copies.
  5. Time for Placing Orders
    The Technical Process Unit will place all orders within 7 working days after receiving the Recommendation Form.
  6. Time for Receiving Books
    The following estimated time required for receiving newly ordered books is listed below for your reference only. Kindly note that the period for receiving books will depend on different publishers and vendors as well as the availability of the book.

    Books in English and other foreign languages
    • Books in Singapore : One Month
    • Books in Portugal & Spain : About Two Months
    • Books in U. S. & U. K. : One to Two Months
    • Books in Other countries : One to Two Months

    Chinese Books
    • Books in China : Five to Six Weeks
    • Books in Hong Kong : Two to Four Weeks
    • Books in Taiwan, China : Five to Six Weeks
  7. Notification of New Arrivals
    If requested, the Library will send an e-mail notice to the relevant requestor once the recommended materials arrived.