Research Tools: Turnitin

Notification : Launch of new interface – Feedback Studio on July 2018

About Turnitin

Turnitin is a plagiarism prevention tool, which is designed to help faculty members to easily evaluate the originality of student’s work by comparing their electronic documents to online sources and Turnitin-owned databases. Papers can now be accepted for checking in 30 different languages including Chinese (traditional and simplified), English and Portuguese.

Apply for a Turnitin account*

All teaching staff are entitled to request a Turnitin account for use at its website: Please use your UM email address to send the following data with email subject "Request of Turnitin service" to to set up your Turnitin account.

  • Name
  • Faculty/Centre
  • Contact phone number

We will reply to you with the login information in two working days.

* If teaching staff want the paper submission through the UMMoodle system to get the Originality Report, no need to apply for the Turnitin Account. For those, who then NOT through the UMMoodle system and intend to use Turnitin directly, please contact us to get the password.

About Turnitin integrated with UMMoodle system

The most widely used functions in Turnitin are the retrieval of the originality report, which is used to determine whether a student's work is original (no matching text) or unoriginal. UM users can achieve it through the UMMoodle in addition to using Turnitin directly. They can do their work using the Turnitin function without having to leave their familiar UMMoodle environment. Kindly see 'Turnitin Moodle Update' for more information.

The getting-started procedures are summarized as follows:

  • for teaching staff to create Assignments on Turnitin
    1. Click “turn editing on” on the Administration section after login at UMMoodle’s webpage
    2. Select Turnitin from the “add an activity...” pull-up menu
    3. Fill up the required information for the assignment
    4. Click “Save and display” to check the information of the assignment on Turnitin
    5. Click the “UMMoodle” on the left-side area under the UM banner back to the UMMoodle's webpage
    6. Follow the procedure B to submit paper for students if necessary
  • for students to submit papers
    1. Click the assignment name after login at UMMoodle’s webpage
    2. Click the “submit” link and then click on the “submit” icon to submit

For detailed information on the operation, please refer to the following user manual.

Since the functionality and operation platforms are different between UMMoodle and Turnitin, the comparison table of major features is hereby given as follows:

Feature UMMoodle Turnitin UMMoodle + Turnitin
Login Account Pre-loaded by ICTO Created by the Library Pre-loaded by ICTO
To be Uploaded File Format No limitation
  • MS Word (.doc)
  • WordPerfect (.wpd)
  • PostScript (.eps)
  • Portable Document Format (.pdf)
  • HTML (.htm)
  • Rich Text (.rtf)
  • Plain Text (.txt)
All files submitted to Turnitin must be text based.
The same as Turnitin

Number of Files Uploaded for Each Assignment

Max. of 20 files

1 file only

The same as Turnitin

Maximum Size of a File

The same as the course upload limit

10 MB

The same as Turnitin





Comment on Student’s Assignment

Mark in the field “Comment”, or upload “Response files”.

Highlight and add comments on the student’s assignment directly.

The same as Turnitin

Submit a paper for a Student




Export Grade Book




Check Originality




tick: Available       cross : Not Available

For more details, please refer to the following webpages :

Should you have any enquiry about using the Turnitin, please feel free to contact us at lib_ref.