Library Facilities and Services for People with Disabilities

Provision of Barrier-Free Access

The Library provides barrier-free access. There is a barrier-free entrance near the East Entrance of the Library (opposite the Pacific Coffee), which a video intercom system is installed for wheelchair users to notify the Library security guards to assist in entry. There is also a barrier-free ramp installed for wheelchair users for entry and exit at the West Entrance.

There are accessible lifts in the Library provided with Braille signs and voice announcement for the disabilities to access all floors.

There are tactile guide path at the G/F of the Library, leading the patrons with vision impairment to access the service counter.

There is barrier-free service counter in the library, equipped with a hearing aid system for the patrons with hearing impairment.

The Library Auditorium at G/F is equipped with a hearing aid system for the disabilities. If assistance needed, please contact the person in charge of the event or Library I.T. Service Counter.

Washrooms for people with disabilities are located from G/F to 5/F of the Library.

Special Service

People with disabilities can ask the Library staff at the service counter for assistance in finding and retrieving library materials.

Special Educational Needs PC Workstation

There is a set of Special Educational Needs PC workstation near the G/F I.T. Service Counter of the Library. The workstation is installed with screen reader software and OCR software such as NVDA (NonVisual Desktop Access) and ABBYY FineReader for the vision impaired users. If assistance needed, please approach the I.T. Service Counter.