Library Workshops

The UM Library offers a variety of workshops to help you learn how to use the databases and resources provided by different data vendors or publishers. These workshops are designed to help you use a specific database, platform, tool or service for your academic needs.

Usually we will organize a series library workshops during September to early November, and March to April every year. A library workshop will last 1 hour, including about 45 minutes presentation and 15 minutes discussion or practicing. The topics of the workshops include but not limited on,

  • Database(s);
  • Specified subject(s);
  • How to publish a paper/book;
  • EndNote;
  • Qualtrics.

The workshops are open to all university members.

To know and register the upcoming workshop(s), please visit the upcoming and past workshops page.

If you have any questions or suggestions for future workshops, please contact us at


Wiley0228 - Author Workshop – Publishing Open Access in Wiley and Hindawi Journals Under University of Macau’s Transformational Agreement

14:00 - 15:00 Online

This webinar is open to all researchers of the University of Macau, which has a transformational agreement with Wiley that has launched from 2024 onwards. The agreement allows the university’s researchers to publish open access in Wiley and Hindawi journals at no cost to themselves, and the webinar will walk participants through the workflows required to submit their articles’ open access Article Publication Charge (APC) to University of Macau for review and approval/denial. Highlights for the webinar will include the below: Open access publishing: • The benefits of open access publishing • Specifications of Wiley and University of Macau’s transformational agreement and what these mean for authors • Author workflows for researchers when submitting open access Article Publication Charge (APC) funding requests to University of Macau as part of the agreement Tips for successful publishing: • Preparing your manuscript, selecting a journal and submitting a paper • What the peer review and production processes entail • Author resources we offer for support through the publication process • Publication ethics