Boya Talk

“BOYA” TALK (About Traditional Chinese Literature Books)

Boya Talk 3

Macao Study: How do I use insects to connect people around me?

Danny Leong – Macao Entomologist

Boya Talk 4

The Beauty of Chinese Characters – The Roots of Chinese Characters

Prof. Yu Dan – Beijing Normal University

Boya Talk 5

Camões and the World

Prof. Hélio Alves – Department of Portuguese

Boya Talk 6

Reading and Writing

Prof. Wang Anyi – Fudan University

Boya Talk 7

Jao Tsung-I in Singapore (1968-1973): Why he went and left

Prof. Yang Bin – Department of History

Boya Talk 8

Portuguese Language in the Atlantic

Prof. Gabriel Antunes de Araujo – Department of Portuguese

Boya Talk 9


Lin Zixiong - The Guangdong Local Chronicles Museum

Boya Talk 10


Prof. Tang Kaijian – University of Macau

Boya Talk 12

Singing and Reading

Dr. Sheng Mei – University of Macau

Boya Talk 13

“The presence of Goans across the Indian Ocean”

Prof. Pedro Pombo – Goa University

Boya Talk 14

Káfriinha and the bailasphere: Sri Lanka and beyond

Professor Mahesh Radhakrishnan – Australian National University

Boya Talk 15

How to tell Chinese stories in overseas cultural exchanges

Professor Emma Chen Hoefler

Boya Talk 18

Talk on Reading Literacy in Public Libraries and University Libraries

Dr. Loi Chi Pang, Dr. Wu Jianzhong