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UM-Qualtrics is a web-based survey service that is available for use by all UM faculty, staff and students. UM-Qualtrics is useful to:

  • Assist faculty, staff, and students with creating online surveys and collecting data for research projects or assignments.
  • Assess user satisfaction with academic or administrative programs or services.

Using UM-Qualtrics

  • Log in to UM-Qualtrics

    • Users who applied the UM-Qualtrics service can login to UM-Qualtircs via
    • For those users who haven't applied to UM-Qualtrics service, please refer to the instructions for First-time users (new users) below.
  • First-time users (new users) need to apply UM-Qualtrics service by taking the following steps.

    1. Go to the UMPASS portal at
    2. Click on the "Manage Account" (see Fig. 1 below), and log in to UMPASS.
    3. Select the "NOT APPLY" label and click on the "QUALTRICS" icon (see Fig. 2 below).
    4. Follow the instructions to apply for the Qualtrics service.
    5. Once applied, you can access Qualtrics directly at
    6. Select "I don't have a Qualtrics account"
    7. Accept the "Terms of Service"

    • Figure 1 - "Manage Account" category

    • Figure 2 – Qualtrics icon

    Note: To ensure the proper use of UM-Qualtrics, the default UM-Qualtrics accounts for students are NOT allowed to create surveys . Students who want to use UM-Qualtrics to create and distribute surveys have to request for account upgrade. Please refer to UM-Qualtrics Account Upgrade Request for Students below.


UM-Qualtrics Account Upgrade Request for Students

Download UM-Qualtrics Account Upgrade Request Form Download UM-Qualtrics Account Upgrade Request Form

Request Process

UM-Qualtrics Account Upgrade Request Process 1.Download the UM-Qualtrics Account Upgrade Request Form 2.Fill in the student and project/survey information and agree to the Terms of Use Statement 3.Email the form to a supervisor or course instructor for his/her endorsement 4.The supervisor/Instructor endorses the request and sends the form to the Library at 5.Library will upgrade the requested UM-Qualtrics account and then send a confirmation email to the relevant student and supervisor/instructor.

Note: Academic staff can request a batch UM-Qualtrics account upgrade for students. Please send the student numbers and names to


UM-Qualtrics Terms of Use Statement

Version 1.0 (Last Updated on 16/05/2022)

    1. Users should use UM-Qualtrics for UM associated research and projects only.
    2. Users have to make sure that all contents he/she distributed through UM-Qualtrics comply with all UM policies (including the University Privacy Policy), and related Macau law and legislations.
    3. Surveys that need to collect personal data MUST include a “Personal Data Collection Statement” at the beginning of the survey. Samples of the Personal Data Collection Statement are available on GDPD's website.
    4. As Qualtrics is an online survey platform which is based outside of Macau, the Personal Data Collection Statement must include a term declaring that “All data collected in this survey will be stored in a non-local online survey platform (Qualtrics).”
    5. While creating an email list for survey distribution, except the email addresses, users should not include any other personal information in the email list. In the meanwhile, users should not send SPAM emails through UM-Qualtrics.
    6. Users have to process and secure all collected data in conformity with all UM policies (including the University Privacy Policy), and related Macau law and legislations.
    7. UM reserves the right to close user’s UM-Qualtrics account and delete user’s surveys and data when user separates or withdraws from UM. Users are responsible to export the surveys and data in their UM-Qualtrics accounts before separating or withdrawing from UM.
    8. UM may revoke user’s access to UM-Qualtrics for failure to abide by this Terms of Use Statement.
    9. UM may at any time disallow, alter, or cease access to UM-Qualtrics or change this Terms of Use Statement at sole discretion.



Qualtrics Learning and Support

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Qualtrics Support

  • Enquiries

    Phone: 8822 8015 or 8822 8242