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Chinese Language
  Easytext - Tools Online
    After the free registration, the "Chinese Dictionary" and the "Chinese Ancient Chinese Dictionary" can be accessed online. There are auxiliary input methods such as Chinese pinyin and stroke sequences to help users who have difficulty inputting simplified characters to search for Chinese characters.
  Revision of the Mandarin Dictionary Revised Edition
    It is provided by the National Language Promotion Committee of the Ministry of Education of Taiwan, including online inquiries, editorial explanations, dictionary appendices, language series, and usage instructions.
  Variant dictionary
    The Ministry of Education Ministry of Education of Taiwan implements a variant dictionary of the editorial board of the committee. It has detailed contents, and provides system explanations, editorial notes, and self-search.
  <Yue Yin Yun Hui>e-edition
    This webpage was established by the Research Centre for Humanities Computing of the Research Institute for the Humanities (RIH) of the Chinese University of Hong Kong.<Yue Yin Yun Hui>This book. An online Cantonese pronunciation is provided for each word.
  Cantonese sound recording and word database
    This page mainly includes the "Yueyin Yunhui" edited by Huang Xiling, the "Li's Chinese Dictionary" edited by Li Zhuomin, the "Guangzhou Dialect Standard Sounds" compiled by Zhou Wuji and Rao Bingcai, and the "Cantonese Reading vocabulary" edited by He Wenhui and Zhu Guozhen. The Cantonese music materials of all the big five-character Chinese characters in this book are eclectic.
English Language   Go to Top
    Online version of the 1996 edition of the popular English language dictionary, featuring over 200,000 entries. Entries include pronunciation guide, definition, and brief etymology. Searchable only (no browsing).
  Ask Jeeves offers many innovative features and tools to help you get the information you need quickly and easily.
    This site is for "questions on English grammar, spelling, and usage; to search a dictionary of words, names or quotations; for help with writing; for crosswords and puzzles; and to learn about language.
  Cambridge Dictionary Online
    Students and scholars of the English language can use this site to search the full text of the Cambridge International Dictionary of Phrasal Verbs. The dictionary provides examples of over 4,500 phrasal verbs currently used in American, British and Australian English.
  Dictionary of Phrase and Fable
    This edition of Brewer's "Dictionary of Phrase and Fable" was created from the 1898 edition of the text. They describe it as "Comprising over 18,000 entries that reveal the etymologies, trace the origins and otherwise catalog 'words with a tale to tell.'" Browsable and searchable. is the best general English-language dictionary online. Its simple search form hides a sophisticated multi-source search of Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, WordNet, The Free Online Dictionary of Computing, Jargon File, The Elements, Easton's 1897 Bible Dictionary, Hitchcock's Bible Names Dictionary, U.S. Gazetteer, and the CIA World Factbook. Links on's home page lead to thousands of other English dictionaries (including WWWebster Dictionary), jargon dictionaries, writers' dictionaries, non-English dictionaries, and other language resources.
  Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary
    An excellent hyperlinked dictionary and thesaurus, based on the Merriam-Webster dictionary. The search engine supports wildcards and right-hand truncation. A help page and pronunciation guide are included.
  OneLook Dictionaries
    A fast dictionary search tool which allows you to look up a word in 350 different dictionaries simultaneously, or pick specific dictionaries from a grouping of subject-specific ones. Includes Internet/computer, science, technology, business, sports, religion, acronym, and general dictionaries. You can also browse the dictionaries individually.
  Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary
    A searchable online dictionary which contains 4,500 new words and meanings. Over 200 new notes teach you the difference between similar words.
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  Chinese Character Genealogy: An Etymological Chinese-English Dictionary
    This is an online English-Chinese dictionary. It also has a comprehensive list of Chinese studies.
  CNKI English-Chinese/Chinese-English Dictionary
    CNKI English-Chinese/Chinese-English Dictionary is a large-scale online translation dictionary developed and produced by China Knowledge Network. It can be translated into English and Chinese, including English online translation and Chinese online translation.The content covers professional terms and professional vocabularies in various professional fields such as natural sciences and social sciences.
  English-Chinese Online Dictionary
    This is an online English-Chinese dictionary. It also contains Chinese-English online dictionary.
  YahooChimo Dictionary
    This is an online English-Chinese / Chinese-English dictionary.
Supports two-way queries for English-Chinese/Chinese-English dictionaries.

  Sina Dictionary
  Word Search
    Free online dictionary, English-Chinese, English-Chinese, Chinese-English words, and phrase queries.
  "Lin Yutang's Contemporary Chinese-English Dictionary" electronic version
    The electronic edition of the book Lin Yutang's Chinese-English Dictionary of Modern Usage.
Provides Chinese characters for indexing and Chinese Pinyin search, and can also use keyword search.

  Yan's American
    This is an online English-English / English-Chinese dictionary.
Practical English-English / English-Chinese dictionary.

  Translation   Go to Top
    A dictionary with all definitions in English, but the ability to search for a word in English, French, German, Dutch, Italian, and Spanish. Additionally, there is pronunciation file for each English word.

  Babilon Online Translator
    Converts phrases or webpages into (or from) English from (or into) Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese or Spanish. "AltaVista Translation Assistant provides you with a tool to translate a grammatically correct document into something comprehensible, but not perfect. You can help to improve translations (otherwise known as teaching the computer something) by submitting feedback." Warning: "Computerized translations often miss subtle meanings of words and don't accurately present many common sayings.