Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Library Usage Rules

1. Can an outsider who does not have a library card use the library?

A: People outside the school can enter the library to use the library's collection, but they can't use the limited services such as borrowing books. As for the facilities in the museum, the teachers and students of the school have the right of first use. In addition, off-campus readers can apply for a library card, see the Off-Campus Reader's Card Application Form (Chinese version) Description.

2. Can outside readers use the Museum of Ancient Books?

A: The Ancient Books Museum generally only provides readers in schools. If readers outside the school need to use the Museum of Ancient Books, they can apply in writing to the Library. The purpose of the application must be stated on the application form.

3. Can the new book display be borrowed instantly?

A: The new books placed on the display shelf of the new book can be used to go through the books at the lobby cashier.

4. Can I renew books by telephone, online?

Ans.:Users can renew books at the Circulation Counter. Alternatively, they can inform the Library through e-mail at, or by writing to the Library prior to the due date.


Computer System

1. There is a computer on each floor of the library. What is the difference in query function?

A: Currently, the library's computers can check the WebPAC system of the library, but if you want to use the "Siku Quanshu", "Four Series", "National Newspaper Index Database", "21st Century Encyclopedia Britannica", "Chinese Academic Journal" (CD-ROM Versions), "People's Pictorial" and other stand-alone databases can only use five computers in the lobby's OPAC search area for single-machine search.

Note: The discs are stored on the reference desk. This service is only available to readers of the school and those who have applied for a library card outside school.

2. In OPAC's Query Reader Record, why can't the password be entered?

A: The password of the off-campus reader is the telephone number entered on the application form, while the general staff and students enter the PC LAN password. If you really can't use it, please bring your reader's card to the library lobby check-in password.

3. Can I use an electronic database at home who I am a student of UM?

A: No problem, you can use the account number and password you are applying to connect to the university server by telephone and use it. Telephone can refer to the school computer department's website

4. If the status of the book is "Just received", what should I do if I need to borrow it?

A: If the status of the book is "Just received", the book has just been collected by the purchasing team. After the book is transferred to the cataloging group, it waits for classification cataloging and file processing. If readers are in urgent need of the book, they can ask the reference desk or the on-call librarian at the cashier's desk for a reminder sheet. After filling out the form, the information will be returned and the cataloging team will be pre-listed to be processed within seven working days. Immediately after completion, the reader will be notified.


Literature search

1. Where is the communique of the Macao Special Administrative Region placed?

A: The library divides the Macao Special Administrative Region Communique into two parts, which can be borrowed at the cashier's desk in the last six months. More than half a year can be read in the data room in Macau.(1/F Zone B)

2. What are the current Macau Portuguese daily newspapers?

A: There are currently three Portuguese newspapers, including the "Period", "Macao Forum Daily" and "Macau Today."

Source: 2002 Macau Yearbook P.302 Newspaper Industry

3. Can expired newspapers be found there?

A: Overdue newspapers can be divided into print or CD editions.

Printed newspapers were placed on the first floor near the western periodical area in the last 15 days; the older ones were placed in the overdue newspaper room on the first floor of the basement. Online version of electronic resources can use WISE NEWS query. As for Hong Kong’s newspapers in the 1990s, CD-ROM resources were available, and discs were stored at the reference desk. However, pay attention to the time and scope of the newspapers.

Note: Outdated newspapers are only available to readers of the school and those who have applied for a library card outside school.

4. The university library does not have the documentation I need. Can I borrow it from other libraries?

A: You can apply for interlibrary loan service at the reference service counter. Through the agreement of the interlibrary cooperation organization, you can provide the library's unstored information. Interlibrary loan services include borrowing books, photocopying journals, and conference papers. In general, fees are borne by applicants.

5. How long does it take to obtain information through the interlibrary partnership application for a loan or copy of the article? What is the cost?

A: Applying for borrowing books or photocopying articles through the inter-university cooperation of the University of Macau International Library will vary depending on how the documents are delivered, and the processing speed of the applicants will vary.

6. I think some of the tools are very suitable for classmates. Can you suggest libraries to buy?

A: Yes, please complete the form provided by the library and list the correct title, author and publisher. Return it for reference without the responsible person of the library. The relevant form can be downloaded from the library website or obtained from the library counter.

7. Where is the teacher's designated reference book and how can I borrow it?

A: The teacher's designated reference book is placed in the library lobby cashier's desk. Please show your student card when you borrow it. Explain to the on-duty librarian that after you have used the teacher's designated reference book, the on-duty staff will help you with the book.


Reference questions

1. Where can I find the Macau policy address issued by Mr. Edmund Ho Hau Wah in 2002?

A: You can refer to the 2002 Macau Yearbook. P.25-27 Self-improvement to meet the prosperity of the future - The Macao government's governance priorities in 2002.

2. Does the library have information on Macao pawn industry??

A: There isn't a single book written specifically for the pawn business in Macau, but you can read the book “Macau Business” and the book contains this information.
Source: Macau Business P.3- P.26 HD 2346 M3 Ao v.1

3. What benefits do prisoners in Macau have?

A: You can refer to the 2002 Macau Yearbook. P.217 Prisoner benefits
(Call number:DS 796 M317 Mac 2002)

4. Sha Litou refers to those locations in Macau?

A: You can refer to the Macau Encyclopedia. P.2267 Sand pear head DS 796 M3 A5 Ao

5. As of December 31, 2001, how many Macao SAR passports were issued by the identity certification bureau?

A: 79,282 copies.

Source: 2002 Macau Yearbook P.355 Personal Document