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  Department of Commerce Export Portal

Serves as a government clearinghouse to resources for trade and exporting. The portal features guides to international trade assistance, and links to trade statistics, market research, a calendar of events and other trade-related materials.

  Department of the Treasury Home Page

The Treasury Department homepage provides a gateway to reports, press releases, speeches and other official documents on domestic and international economic topics. The homepage also links to numerous office and bureau webpages including those of the Office of International Affairs and the U.S. Customs Service -- two divisions with major trade-focused missions.

  Global Trade Negotiations Home Page

Produced by Harvard University's Center for International Development, this resource provides news and analysis of international trade policy and negotiations. Among the trade issues it covers are agriculture, anti-dumping, dispute settlement, market access, labor, and services.

  Peterson Institute for International Economics

The IIE homepage features policy briefs and working papers on such topics as globalization and the WTO, trade promotion authority, the international financial architecture, and the economics of Korean unification. The IIE homepage also links to the Center for Global Development -- a think tank focusing on how U.S. and other industrial nation's policies affect poor countries' development prospects.

  U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis

The homepage of the U.S. Department of Commerce's Bureau of Economic Analysis features summary national, regional and international statistical data including the latest figures on gross domestic product, personal income, balance of payments, and foreign direct investment. All BEA news releases and complete issues of the monthly journal "Survey of Current Business" (from 1994 to the present) are also available at this website.

  U.S. Trade Representative Home Page

The USTR homepage disseminates press releases and statements about recent U.S. trade actions, and provides official documents that chronicle trade developments in such industry sectors as agriculture, services, investment, textiles, telecommunications, and steel. The homepage also features major USTR reports on regional trade programs, country-specific trade barriers, and the U.S. government trade agenda.

Education   Go to Top
  Best Graduate Schools

U.S. News and World Report ranks U.S. graduate schools.

  Distance Education at a Glance
  Distance Learning Resource Network

A U.S. Department of Education "Star Schools" program.

  Education Resource Organizations Directory
  The Gateway to Educational Materials on the Web
  National Center for Education Statistics
  U.S. Department of Education
Government Resources   Go to Top

The first-ever government website to provide the public with easy, one-stop access to all online U.S. Federal Government resources.


U.S. Government Printing Office access to official, published documents, with highlights for new documents.

  Library of Congress: Browse Government Resources

Library of Congress guide to useful government sites.

  National Council of State Legislatures

Election information, status reports on issues before state legislatures, information about the organization and special issue reports are included in this website.

  The Council of State Governments
  The Democratic National Committee

The party committee plans the quadrennial presidential nominating convention and works with candidates and national, state, and local party organizations to meet the needs and espouse the views of the Democratic electorate. Includes history of the party, its charter and bylaws, the presidential election platform, press releases, issue summaries, and links.

  University of Michigan Documents Center

A central reference and referral point for government information, whether local, state, federal, foreign or international. Its web pages are a reference and instructional tool for government, political science, statistical data, and news.

  U.S. Blue Pages

On-Line Directory of U.S. government services and programs on federal, state, and local levels.

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  Code of Federal Regulations
  Full Text State Statutes and Legislation
  Meta-Index for U.S. Legal Research
  State Status by Topic
  U.S. Government Documents Ready Reference Collection
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  American Literature Sites
  Writers on America
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  U.S. Consulate General Hong Kong and Macau