Selected Internet Resources: Law and Legislation

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  China Law
  Legal Office of the State Council Legal and Legal Full Text Retrieval System
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  Bilingual Law Information System
  Department of Justice
  The Government of The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Gazette
  Hong Kong Judiciary
  Hong Kong Legal Information Institute
  The Legislative Council Library
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  AsianLII : Macau, China
  Glossario Juridico Chines-Portugues/ Portugues-Chines
  Imprensa Oficial>Legislação
  Legislative Assembly of Macau Special Administrative Region
  Macau Law Network
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  Diario da Republica Electronico
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  The Judicial Yuan Of The Republic of China Law and Regulations Retrieving System
  Laws & Regulations Database of The Republic of China
  Legislative system
  National Library Government Gazette Information Network
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  Columbia Law School -- Research Guides, Bibliographies, and Finding Aids
  Harvard Law School -- Basic checklist
  NYU School of Law -- Law and Courts
  Standard Law Faculty Bibliographies
  Yale Law School Library
  The Law of Gaming in the United States
  An Introduction to Online Resources for Researchers of the U.S. Gaming Industry by Mr. Michael Huff (Information Resource Officer of United States Department of State. China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Mongolia).
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  Law Library of Congress--Global Legal Information Network (GLIN)