• Guidelines for Acquiring Library Resources
  • Library Materials Recommendation by Faculty Members

    University of Macau Library encourages faculty members to make any book, journal or electronic resource suggestions to the Library.   More...

  • Books Purchased Directly by Faculty Members

    There is a fund set aside for emergency book purchasing. Ten percent out of each faculty's annual book fund allocation is assigned for this purpose. Books or audio-visual materials purchased in this way are processed as part of the library's holdings.  More...

  • Acquisitions Suggestion (By All Library Users)

    Our library encourages faculty, undergraduate or graduate students and staff members to make suggestions for book additions to the library's collection.

  • Giving to the Library

    The Library is grateful for any gifts of books, conference proceedings, multimedia, manuscripts, and other materials that fall within the scope of its collecting portfolio. We greatly appreciate donations of materials and funds that will support and sustain the Library's continued growth and excellence. Gifts of materials are accepted by the Library with the understanding that once received they are owned by the University. The Library reserves the right to determine their retention, cataloging treatment and other considerations related to their use or disposition.

    Please click here to view the list of our Important Book Donors.

    Should you wish to make a donation to the Library or need additional information, please feel free to contact the Technical Process Unit at(853) 88228167 or e-mail at More...

  • Selected Bookshops

    Provide additional information of searching library materials for purchasing.

  • Contact Information

    For enquiries, please contact Technical Process Unit at (853) 88228167 or e-mail at