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Library News

Library News --The University Library will be partially reopened to UM Students and Staff from 19 October 2021 (2021/10/18)


Dear All,

The University Library will be partially reopened to UM Students and staff only from 19 October 2021.

Opening hours
· Monday to Sunday (10:00 to 18:00)

Counter service hours
· Monday to Sunday (10:00 to 17:30)
Public Holiday (Closed)

Area that will be opened
· Public reading area, computer area, newspaper and periodical room, media studio, private study rooms
(Group discussion rooms, auditoriums, exhibition halls, meeting rooms are temporarily closed).

The detailed arrangements are as follows:

Entering the Library:
· All readers must enter the Library from the East gate of the Library (near Library Square). The West gate of the Library (near Central Avenue) is temporarily closed.
· The Library is only open to UM students and staff.
· The maximum number of concurrent readers in the Library is 800.
· All readers entering the Library must have their body temperature checked and present an electronic health declaration. Those who have fever symptoms (body temperature at or higher than 37.5 degrees Celsius) or cannot present the Green Health Code, will not be granted entrance.
· All readers entering the Library must wear masks.

Seat space reset
· Seat spacing has been rearranged to avoid face-to face seating.

Book borrowing/return services:
· Book borrowing and return services will be resumed.
· Books with due date between 25 September, 2021 and the reopened date will not be considered as overdue and can be renewed.
· All returned books will be sterilized.

Cleaning arrangements:
· The seats, service counters, elevators, lifts, computers and bookshelves will be cleaned more regularly. Disinfection supplies will be provided at the Library entrance, lifts, and service counters.

If the epidemic situation improves, the Library will further open up services and facilities.

For inquiries, please email to or call 8822 8170 during office hours.

UM Library
(Ref: PPC/LIB/162)