Collections: Rare Book Room

Line-bound books and ancient books of Western history

Landbook owners and librarians have spent a lot of effort to collect books since ancient times. Although there is no Hong Kong University, Chinese University of Hong Kong, and the study hall collections, there is no Ho Tung Library’s possession of some of the precious collections of the Jiaye Church, but it is also the highest institution in Macau and is inherently preserved. Under the role of Chinese culture, there are about 5,600 kinds of cable-bound books and 12,000 contracts. There are three main sources of books:

  1. The late celebrity Mr. He Xian presented a book.
  2. The late Professor Hongjun Chen from Hong Kong University gave a book.
  3. Sporadic purchases and donations.

The source of the books is now described.

  1. He Xian books:
  2. In 1982, Mr. He Xian purchased a batch of books from Mr. Wang Zongyan, a famous scholar, to give a gift to East Asia University (formerly the University of Macau), which included about 360 kinds and 3,000 volumes. The books were repaired by special personnel and their appearance remained fairly good. Mainly in the history and Guangdong literature works, in particular, more than 20 kinds of Guangdong Province Fang Zhi is precious. In 1984, Mr. He Xian presented books and exhibitions, and compiled a list of card-bound cards.

  3. Professor Chen Junxi’s book:
  4. Mr. Chen Junyi, known as Shuiyun Landlord, died in 1985 when Professor Chen passed away. His legacy transferred his collection to the University of Hong Kong. Later, he was run by the former director of the museum, Mr. Lin Zuojun. Then some of the collections were provoked by the University of Hong Kong. The remainder was all given at the time. The East University Library has about 4,500 titles and 6,500 copies. The main content is mainly collected in corpus. It is mostly used by the four series of publications and the Preparatory Office of the National Central Library. There are about twenty kinds of books, of which more than one hundred have been eroded by locusts.

  5. Sporadic donations and purchases:
  6. There are about 420 kinds and 2,000 volumes. The donation section included the history of the Sanlian Bookstore’s “Four History”. In 1996, the descendants of the first generation of Western medicine doctor Wu Chenjun from Macau donated a small amount of bound books. In 2001, Mr. Wu Lixun, a collector of cultural relics, celebrated the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the University of Macau and donated a bundle of books to the library. In addition, about 300 items and about 300 copies were purchased. In 1997, Professor Huo Qichang from the University of Macau ran away from Simao Liang. Mr. Wang bought a number of book-bound books with Catholic teachings collected by his father when he was studying theology in Shanghai. There are about 50 kinds and more than 100 volumes. In addition, a small amount of silk-bound books were purchased from Mr. Zhu Xi.

    Western antiques and early publications, there are about 1,250 kinds of collections, mainly literary works published in Europe and the United States from 1890 to 1920, and early publishing products in Macao. In July 1999, the Portuguese Department of Bao Sigao High School of Macau ended, and the teachers of the school Ana With the help of Miss Bella, the school donated 2,500 books to the University of Macau, of which about 500 were the earlier Western antiques and Macao publications.

Autographed collection

The museum now houses approximately 500 autographed collections by the author, including famous Chinese scholars Zhang Yinian, Fei Xiaotong, Qian Weichang, Zhou Celong, and western scholars CRBoxer, Joseph Needham, etc., writers Ai Qing, Xiao Jun, Qin Mu, Jin Yong, etc. Two hundred volumes of signature books of contemporary Chinese writers presented by the Chinese Literature Foundation.