University of Macau Library Macao Reference Room

The library has seen an urgent need for readers to research materials in Macao. In September 1999, the “Database of Macao” was established to fully promote the development of “Macao Studies”. The room is located on the first floor of the library. In front of the library, there is a giant oil painting backed by the Ruins of St. Paul's. It is divided into a periodical department and a library department. The periodical department collects over 800 kinds of periodicals related to Macao, including current and expired periodicals. Institutional annual reports, communications, bibliographies, indexing and clippings, statistics, government gazettes, and court decisions. There are about 3,000 titles in the Library Department and the current collection of books, including local publications in Macao. The authors are written by the people of Macao, or refer to the works, books, magazines, pamphlets, school books, special editions of societies, conference proceedings, and the University of Macau. Publications and other materials, including collections of information about Macao to be published overseas, are sufficient to supplement the shortage of the Central Library of Macao. The number of years of publication in this room is for publications after 1980, and the publications before 1980 are listed in the Museum's Ancient Books Room. There are about 300 kinds of quantity. As for the Macau newspapers, they are hidden in the underground newspaper warehouse. The miniature information exists in the second floor of the miniature data room. Special posters for Macao posters and leaflets can be found in the special collection room on the second floor.

In addition, the Library also organizes electronic data on Macao. The readers can browse the following information on the website of the Library: