Rector’s Message

For many years now, the government of Macao SAR has continued to advocate diversification of the economy, hoping to leverage its profound cultural resources to develop cultural and creative industries, and promote the development of creative design, visual arts and other fields in symbiosis while building itself as a ‘world centre of tourism and leisure’. In line with the administration's initiatives to promote appropriate diversification of the economy, the University of Macau established the Department of Arts and Design in 2021 on the foundation provided by the Centre for Art and Design. The Department is dedicated to recruiting highly accomplished teacher, developing professional teaching facilities, and offering and developing courses in art history, art theory, fine arts, visual arts, graphic design, digital media, art curating and other fields, with the aim of cultivating high-quality art talent with multiple skills for Macao. Moreover, to enhance the environment for the cultivation of talent in art and the long-term development of the Department of Arts and Design, and also to provide a platform for the community and UM teachers and students to display and exchange artistic creations, the University of Macau has set up an art museum, which officially opens to the public in May, this year.

The art museum will carry out the function of collecting, exhibiting, teaching and communicating. It will collect and display Chinese and foreign art works in an open and inclusive manner, promote exchange between domestic and foreign art, display achievements in art teaching, improve artistic literacy of teachers and students, and conduct activities to popularize art, so as to serve not only talent training and discipline development of the University, but also the public.

According to the Outline Development Plan for the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, Macao is building ‘a base for exchange and cooperation where Chinese culture is the mainstream and diverse cultures coexist’. The establishment of the art museum once again shows that the University of Macau is actively collaborating and participating in this plan. The museum will make full use of the university's strengths, and while remaining rooted in Macao endeavour to integrate Chinese and Western cultures. It will take on the mission of highlighting the humanistic spirit and gathering the best of art, promoting the development of Macao's culture and art, and bringing a new aesthetic experience to members of the community at large.

Rector, University of Macau
Song, Yonghua

Opening hours

  • MON - SUN

    10:00 - 19:00