Faculty Liaison Librarians Scheme

In order to strengthen communication between the various Faculties/Centres and the Library, the Library has recently implemented the Faculty Liaison Librarians scheme. A senior member of the library staff is assigned to serve as a liaison librarian for each Faculty/Centre. He/she offers a communication channel between faculty members and librarians, sharing latest information about library services and resources, etc. and at the same time collecting feedbacks from faculty members.

Faculty Liaison Librarians for each Faculty/Centre are as follows:
Faculty/Centre Name Telephone E-mail
FAH Anna Fong Ext.8171 annafong@um.edu.mo
FBA, APAEM Priscilla Pun Ext.8167 nipun@um.edu.mo
FED Staty Chan Ext.8255 statychan@um.edu.mo
FHS, ICMS, SKL-QRCM Dr. Henry Yang Ext.8017 xlyang@um.edu.mo
FLL Manson Ip Ext.8015 msip@um.edu.mo
FSS Norman Lo Ext.8242 normanlo@um.edu.mo
FST, IAPME, IME, SKL-AMSV, SKL-IOTSC Linlin Geng Ext.8197 linlingeng@um.edu.mo

If any faculty member has any question/suggestion regarding library operation, please feel free to contact the relevant Faculty Liaison Librarian.