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UM Student wins a new award in the National Essay Writing Contest (2024/01/31)


Wang Chenyue, a first-year student of the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Macau, stood out among more than 1,900 college participants nationwide in the "2023 Sasakawa Cup Reading and Writing Essay Contest" and won the second prize. At the same time, the University of Macau also won the “Best Organization Award” in 2023 for its excellent organization of the selection competition.

The " Sasakawa Cup Reading and Writing on Japan Essay Contest " is a national essay competition, jointly organized by the Shanghai Jiao Tong University Library, the Japan Science Society, and the Center of Asia-Pacific of the China International Communications Group (CICG Asia-Pacific), which is open to undergraduates, masters and doctoral students from the universities across the country. The essay competition aims to encourage Chinese students to write essays, reflections and other kinds of articles by reading relevant books, and to promote Sino-Japanese cultural exchanges. In year 2023, the competition with the theme of "Biodiversity and Human Health" explores the role of human beings in biodiversity protection.

The competition is divided into two stages: university preliminary selection and national competition. The review committees of each university select two of the best works and recommend them to participate in the national finals. In the end, the national competition review committee selected 5 first prizes, 10 second prizes and 5 Best Organization Awards.

The University of Macau has participated in this competition every year since 2018, and has achieved excellent outcomes in past competitions. We have won 2 national first prizes (Xia Yongyi in 2019 and Wang Yuetong in 2022) and 2 national second prizes (Guo Jingyan in 2022, Wang Chenyue in 2023), and 3 times the Best Organization Award.

The Preliminary Selection Review Committee of University of Macau is chaired by Ma Wan Cham from the Faculty of Arts and Humanities. The committee members include Professor Gong Gang and Professor Cheong Chap Fun from the same faculty, and the University Librarian Dr. Wu Jianzhong, Assistant University Librarian Billy Leung, Functional Head Priscilla Pun and Henry Yang. With years of experience, the library organized recommended reading lists, and cooperated with the faculty and residential colleges to hold essay writing workshops for the contest to help students compete and excel in their performance.