Guidelines for the Interlibrary Loan Service of University of Macau Library

Service Users

Eligible users of the member libraries of Macau Academic Library Alliance (MALA).

Limitation of Book Loan

Under the conditions of not exceeding the yearly quota, provision of ILL book is subject to the status of book being loanable and the rules of our Circulation Service.

Procedures for Borrowing and Returning Books

Borrower has to fill up the contact information and then submit the request through the MALA Hub. After receiving the acceptance notification by email, borrower should follow the notification to pick up the book. On or before the due date, borrower is requested to return the book to the same place as the borrowing.

On-loan Quantity and Time Period

Maximum 3 books are allowed at a time and the borrowing period must not be over 21 days. Our Library reserves the right to recall the checked out books (even those are not yet due) at any time.

Book Renewal

Borrowed book allows one-time renewal if no one requested. Please send an email to to apply.


Book overdue will lead to the suspension of borrowing privileges. Borrowers are held responsible to pay back for any loss or damage to the checked-out books.


Once using our services, the applicant should agree to accept the terms of these guidelines.