Kiang Wu Nursing College of Macau Library - Regulations of Use of Interlibrary Loan Service for Macau Academic Library Alliance

Service Users: Eligible users of the member libraries of Macau Academic Library Alliance.

Loan Quotas: Within the loan quota for each member of MALA, the user may borrow 2 items (including general books, discs provided in books) at a time.
[Note: Other library collections including reference books, periodicals, multi-media materials and theses, etc, are not available for check out.]

On-Loan Duration: 14 days

No. of Renewal: 1 time

Renewal: User shall send an email to our library ( for renewal before the due date.

Our Library reserves the right to recall the on-loan item at any time. The borrower concerned has to return the item before the designated date.

All borrowing request shall be submitted to MALA’s interlibrary loan service system.

Overdue Penalty: Overdue items are charged at MOP2 per item per day, with a maximum penalty of MOP 60 per item. Items have been overdue for over 1 month will be regarded and handled as lost items. The borrowers must settle overdue loans and fines before using our Interlibrary Loan Service again.

Loss or Damage: In the event of loss or damage of any on-loan items (including books, discs provided in books), the borrower concerned shall inform our library as quickly as possible, and be liable for compensation. All items will be charged as per their original price; discs provided in books will be charged as per 50% of the original price of the book; books which do not have a set price will be charged as per the no. of pages at MOP 1 per page. In addition to the above charges, an administrative fee of MOP 100 will incur.

Loss of Institutional Card: In the event of loss of Institutional Card, the borrower concerned shall inform our library and his / her respective Library as quickly as possible. The borrower shall be liable for our library’s loss arose from any unauthorized use of the card due to the card loss. A card replacement is charged at MOP120.

Borrowers’ respective Library shall be responsible for urging its borrowers to return the overdue on-loan items to our Library, and be liable for all relevant costs in case its borrowers refuse to make compensation.

In the event of graduation or termination of service, the borrowers’ respective Library shall ensure that the borrowers shall have returned all on-loan items to our Library before they leave their institution.