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Last Updated on 2020/08/05
UM Library participated in the ACM/IEEE Joint Conference on Digital Libraries 2020 (2020/08/05)
笹川杯品書知日本徵文大獎賽2020 "通知 (澳門大學初選) (2020/07/20)
Library News -- Updated: Library’s opening hours from July 17 to August 31 2020 (2020/07/16)
傾聽意見,提升服務一一澳大圖書館舉辦讀者代表座談會 (2020/07/16)
The UM Library has newly established the "UM Scholars Collection" (2020/06/22)
Library News -- Updated: Library’s special opening hours during the final exam period (2020/06/05)
Training session “Derwent Innovation: MALA Research Report for 2020” (2020/05/26)
Library News -- Launch Citation Certification Service (2020/05/26)
Library’s special opening hours during the final exam period (from 22 May to 1 June 2020) (2020/05/21)
Please fill in important declaration (2020/05/21)
The UM Library Shares Experiences During COVID-19 with the WSU Libraries in US (2020/05/19)
Library News -- Library System Upgrade and Migration (2020/05/14)
Library News -- The UM Library receives Research Materials for Cultural Study of Chinese Dragons (2020/05/12)
Library Important Notice -- Library System Upgrade and Reader Data Transfer to Overseas Cloud Servers (2020/04/23)
Library News -- Library Staff Member Publishes an Article on Information Literacy Instruction (2020/04/20)
Library News -- The University Library will be partially reopened to UM members on 20 April 2020 (2020/04/15)
Library News – An article co-written by UM library staff is published in the journal "Library Work in Colleges and Universities" (2020/04/09)
Library News -- Online Training -- Study and Research at home (2020/04/07)
Library News -- UM Library and Macau Academic Library Alliance (MALA) launched the Library’s Online Course (2020/03/27)
Library News -- Publishers Provide Scholarly Content Free on Project MUSE During COVID-19 (2020/03/23)
Library News -- A Series of Online Trainings for WOS, Endnote, JCR and ESI (2020/03/16)
Library News -- Online Training about CNKI Exploratory and Collaborative Studies Platform (2020/03/09)
Free Online Library Resources Available (Books and Newspapers in Chinese Only) (2020/02/06)
Keep Learning Amid Class Suspension! University Library Provides Online Resources for Your Study (2020/02/01)
Concerning Library Book Overdue (2020/01/30)
Special Notice: Closure for University Library and University Gallery (2020/01/24)
University Gallery Displays UM?s Development Via Multi-media. Faculty and students Welcome to Use Gallery Facilities (2020/01/24)
Special Opening Hours of the Library Service Counters During Lunar New Year Recess in 2020 (2020/01/17)
Xia Yongyi from the University of Macau won first prize in a Japan Essay Contest 2019 (2020/01/16)
武漢大學信息管理學院訪問澳門大學圖書館 (2020/01/15)
University Library’s Opening & Service Hours in 2020 (January to June) (2019/12/26)
Library Activity: Ceremony and Exhibition of Mr Leong Su Sam’s Donation of Rare Maps (2019/12/12)
Warm reminder: Don't Forget, Good Book Exchange Activity in the Library (2019/12/11)
深圳大學城圖書館訪本校圖書館, 加強深澳兩地專利服務交流 (2019/12/03)
Show the beauty of Chinese characters and the charm of Hanfu (2019/12/03)
Library News -- Special Opening Hours of the Library Service Counters During the Christmas / New Year Recess in 2019 (2019/12/02)
Library Activity: Boya Lecture - Singing and Reading by Dr. Sheng Mei (2019/11/11)
Library Activity: Award Ceremony of the “Knowing Japan Through Reading” Essay Contest (Macau Preliminary Contest) (2019/11/08)
我館吳建中館長出席澳門應用智能科技與書法藝術 (2019/10/24)
University of Macau received an ancient photo of a cloisonné censer (2019/10/09)
UM joins US bibliographic catalogue to share resources with libraries around the world (2019/09/27)
Library Activities: Guangzhou Encyclopedia Exhibition at Macao and Lecture Series (2019/09/27)
Library News -- Opening of the Artwork Corner of the University of Macau Library (2019/09/20)
Library News -- Participating in the 2019 PRRLA Annual Meeting (2019/09/12)
Library News -- The University of Macau Library jointly Hosts the “Information Literacy and Sustainable Development” Theme Forum at the 2019 Chinese Library Annual Conference (2019/08/26)
Library Activities -- Paving the Way to Success: Come and Join the Library Orientations and Workshops (2019/08/21)
Textbook & Reference Book Information for Undergraduate Courses (The 1st Semester of Academic Year 2019/2020) (2019/08/19)
2019 Textbook and Academic Book Fair (2019/08/14)
Member of the UM Library Presents at Web of Science User Group Meeting, Hong Kong and Macau (2019/08/09)
Library News -- The UM Library delegation visited Guangzhou Library for professional exchange (2019/08/01)
The UM Library has newly established the Reading Corner of the Materials about ​​Greater Bay Area (2019/07/29)
Delegation from Shanghai CPPCC visited UM (2019/07/02)
Library News -- Publication of the New Book Entitled “Transferring Information Literacy Practices” Written by UM Reference Librarians (2019/06/27)
University Library’s Opening & Service Hours in 2019 (July to December) (2019/06/26)
Repair work for catwalk at high level ceiling in Library's lobby (E2) from 24 June to 19 July 2019 (2019/06/25)
Opening Ceremony of the Chinese Calligraphy Exhibition by Renowned Academicians and Scholars (2019/06/21)
Library News – Extension of the Duration of Use for Private Study Rooms in the University Library (During the Summer Recess (2019/05/31)
Library News -- Special Opening Hours of the Library Service Counters During the Summer Recess (2019/05/29)
Comprehensive maintenance works for UM Wu Yee Sun Library (E2) from 27 May to 19 June 2019 (2019/05/24)
Call for book donations for “UM Scholars Collection” (2019/05/22)
“笹川杯品書知日本徵文大獎賽2019”通知 (澳門大學初選) (2019/05/21)
University of Macau Library staff’s paper was accepted by ICIL Conference (2019/05/09)
Five staff of the UM Library elected to be key members of IFLA Professional Committees (2019/05/09)
Library News -- Databases Newly Subscribed (2019/04/11)
Activity Highlights -- Exhibition of the Selected European Rare Books of the University of Macau Library (2019/04/03)
Library Activities: Boya Lecture and Book Signing by Prof. Wang Anyi (2019/03/20)
Library Activities -- Come and Join the "Gale Digital Scholar Lab Workshop" (2019/03/12)
FAH-DPORT-CIELA: Portuguese corner guest lecture boya talk of the UM library: Camões and the world (2019/03/08)
澳門大學李憑教授新書發佈會 (2019/01/24)
品書知日本頒獎禮 (2019/01/16)
Textbook & Reference Book Information for Undergraduate Courses (The 2nd Semester of Academic Year 2018/2019) (2019/01/04)