Current Academic Journals (By Title)

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No Faculty/Centre Title Print Online Language
1 GIFT Taiwan review   English
2 GIFT TASK quarterly : scientific bulletin of Academic Computer Centre in Gdansk   English
3 FED Teacher education and special education   English
4 FED Teachers College record   English
5 FED Teaching and teacher education   English
6 FED Teaching children mathematics   English
7 FED Teaching education   English
8 FED Teaching statistics   English
9 FSS Telecommunications policy   English
10 FSS Television & new media   English
11 GIFT Teocomunicacao : revista trimestral de teologia   English
12 FAH TESOL membership   English
13 FAH TESOL quarterly   English
14 FAH Textual practice   English
15 ICMS The American journal of Chinese medicine   English
16 LIB The Atlantic   English
17 FLL The Australian law journal   English
18 FLL The Canadian business law journal   English
19 FSS The Chinese historical review   English
20 FSS The communication review   English
21 FSS The econometrics journal   English
22 FSS The economic journal : the journal of the Royal Economic Society   English
23 LIB The economist   English
24 FHS The EMBO journal   English
25 ICMS The FASEB journal : official publication of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology   English
26 FSS The Geneva risk and insurance review   English
27 FSS The Historical journal   English
28 GIFT The Hong Kong practitioner : the journal of the Hong Kong College of Family Physicians   English
29 FSS The Howard journal of communications   English
30 FBA The international journal of accounting   English
31 FED The international journal of arts education   English
32 FED The international journal of arts theory and history   English
33 FED The international journal of new media, technology and the arts   English
34 ICMS The International journal of pharmacy practice   English
35 FED The international journal of social, political and community agendas in the arts   English
36 FED The international journal of the arts in society : annual review   English
37 FAH The Interpreter and translator trainer   English
38 FSS The journal of American-East Asian relations   English
39 ELC The journal of Asia TEFL English
40 FHS The Journal of biological chemistry   English
41 FLL The Journal of business law   English
42 FHS The journal of cell biology   English
43 FED The journal of child psychology and psychiatry and allied disciplines   English
44 FHS The journal of clinical endocrinology & metabolism   English
45 FSS The Journal of development studies   English
46 GIFT The journal of East Asian affairs   English
47 FHS The Journal of endocrinology   English
48 ICMS The Journal of experimental medicine   English
49 FBA The Journal of finance   English
50 FED The journal of humanistic counseling, education and development   English
51 FHS The journal of immunology   English
52 FSS The journal of international trade & economic development   English
53 FSS The Journal of law, economics & organization   English
54 FBA The journal of leadership studies   English
55 ICMS The journal of physiology   English
56 FED The Journal of the learning sciences   English
57 FSS The lancet Diabetes & endocrinology   English
58 FSS The Lancet Haematology   English
59 FSS The Lancet HIV   English
60 FSS The lancet Psychiatry   English
61 FSS The Lancet Respiratory medicine   English
62 FAH The linguist   English
63 ICMS The New England journal of medicine   English
64 FSS The Rand journal of economics   English
65 FSS The Review of economics and statistics   English
66 FAH The Review of English studies   English
67 FBA The review of financial studies   English
68 FSS The Singapore economic review   English
69 FED The Stata journal   English
70 FAH The teacher trainer   English
71 LIB The times higher education   English
72 FAH The translator   English
73 FAH The Victorian newsletter   English
74 FST The Visual computer   English
75 FED Theory and research in education : TRE   English
76 FED Theory into practice   English
77 FSS Theory, culture & society   English
78 FST Thin-walled structures   English
79 FAH Thought : a journal of philosophy   English
80 FLL Tijdschrift voor Belgisch burgerlijk recht : TBBR   French
81 FBA Tourism analysis   English
82 FBA Tourism economics : the business and finance of tourism and recreation   English
83 FSS Tourist studies   English
84 GIFT Transactions   English
85 FAH Translation and translanguaging in multilingual contexts   English
86 FAH Translation Spaces : a multidisciplinary, multimedia, and multilingual journal of translation   English