Current Academic Journals (By Title)

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No Faculty/Centre Title Print Online Language
1 FST SAE International journal of commercial vehicles   English
2 FST SAE International journal of engines   English
3 FST SAE International journal of passenger cars Electronic and electrical systems   English
4 FST SAE International journal of passenger cars Mechanical systems   English
5 FED School effectiveness and school improvement   English
6 FED School science review English
7 FLL Schweizerische Zeitschrift fur Wirtschaftsrecht   German
8 LIB Science   English
9 FED Science education   English
10 IAPME Science of advanced materials   English
11 FHS Science signaling   English
12 FHS Science translational medicine   English
13 FLL Scientia ivridica   Portuguese
14 LIB Scientific American   English
15 FSS Screen   English
16 FST Security and communication networks   English
17 GIFT SGI monthly photo magazine   English
18 GIFT SGI quarterly   English
19 FST SIAM journal on applied mathematics   English
20 FST SIAM journal on discrete mathematics   English
21 FST SIAM journal on matrix analysis and applications   English
22 FST SIAM journal on numerical analysis   English
23 FST SIAM journal on scientific computing   English
24 FSS Sino-Western cultural relations journal   English
25 IAPME Small   English
26 FSS Small group research   English
27 FSS Social anthropology   English
28 FAH Social science Japan journal   English
29 FSS Social sciences in China   English
30 FSS Socio-economic review   English
31 FED Sociological research online   English
32 FED Sociology of sport journal   English
33 FST Soils and foundations English
34 FSS South Asia : journal of South Asian studies   English
35 LIB South East Asia research   English
36 FSS Space and culture   English
37 FSS Spatial economic analysis   English
38 FED Sport, education and society   English
39 FST Statistical Analysis and Data Mining   English
40 ICMS Statistics in medicine   English
41 FST Steel & composite structures   English
42 FHS Stem cells and development   English
43 FBA Strategic management journal   English
44 FED Studies in educational evaluation   English
45 LIB Studies in higher education   English
46 FED Studies in philosophy and education   English
47 FED Studies in science education   English
48 FAH Studies in second language acquisition   English