Current Academic Journals (By Title)

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No Faculty/Centre Title Print Online Language
1 FLL Nachschlagewerk des Bundesarbeitsgerichts : Arbeitsrechtliche Praxis   German
2 IAPME Nano research   English
3 ICMS Nanomedicine   English
4 CPU National geographic   English
5 FAH Natural language & linguistic theory   English
6 LIB Nature   English
7 FST Nature biotechnology   English
8 FST Nature cell biology   English
9 FST Nature chemical biology   English
10 FST Nature chemistry   English
11 FST Nature genetics   English
12 FST Nature immunology   English
13 FST Nature materials   English
14 FST Nature medicine   English
15 ICMS Nature methods   English
16 FST Nature nanotechnology   English
17 FST Nature neuroscience   English
18 FST Nature photonics   English
19 FST Nature physics   English
20 ICMS Nature protocols   English
21 FST Nature reviews Cancer   English
22 ICMS Nature reviews Drug discovery   English
23 FHS Nature reviews Endocrinology   English
24 ICMS Nature reviews Genetics   English
25 ICMS Nature reviews Immunology   English
26 ICMS Nature reviews Microbiology   English
27 FST Nature reviews Molecular cell biology   English
28 ICMS Nature reviews Neuroscience   English
29 FST Nature structural & molecular biology   English
30 FLL Neue juristische Wochenschrift German
31 FLL Neue Zeitschrift fur Strafrecht : NStZ   English
32 FST Neural computation   English
33 FHS Neuroendocrinology   English
34 FHS Neuron   English
35 FED New directions for child and adolescent development   English
36 FSS New global studies   English
37 FSS New Left review English
38 FSS New media & society   English
39 FAH New theatre quarterly : NTQ   English
40 FSS New Zealand journal of Asian studies   English
41 FED News bulletin / National Council of Teachers of Mathematics   English
42 FSS Newspaper research journal : NRJ   English
43 FLL NJW-Rechtsprechungs-Report Zivilrecht : NJW-RR   German
44 GIFT NTU highlights   English
45 FST Nuclear medicine communications   English