Current Academic Journals (By Title)

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No Faculty/Centre Title Print Online Language
1 FED Early childhood research quarterly   English
2 FST Earthquake engineering & structural dynamics   English
3 LIB East Asian journal of popular culture English
4 FSS East Asian policy : an international quarterly   English
5 FSS Eastern European economics   English
6 FSS Econometrica : journal of the Econometric Society   English
7 GIFT Economic and Political Studies   English
8 FSS Economic theory   English
9 FED Economics of education review   English
10 FED Education finance and policy   English
11 FED Education in science : the bulletin of the Association for Science Education English
12 FED Educational administration quarterly : EAQ   English
13 FED Educational and psychological measurement   English
14 FED Educational assessment   English
15 FED Educational evaluation and policy analysis   English
16 FED Educational measurement : issues and practice   English
17 FED Educational philosophy and theory   English
18 FED Educational psychologist   English
19 FED Educational studies in mathematics   English
20 FED Educational technology   English
21 LIB EduNation : the Singapore education magazine   English
22 ICMS Electrophoresis   English
23 FED ELT journal   English
24 FHS EMBO reports   English
25 FLL Emory international law review   English
26 FHS Endocrine reviews   English
27 FHS Endocrine-related cancer   English
28 FHS Endocrinology   English
29 FST Energy and buildings   English
30 FST Engineering geology   English
31 FAH English language and linguistics   English
32 GIFT English teaching forum   English
33 ELC English teaching professional   English
34 FAH English today   English
35 FST Enterprise Information Systems   English
36 FLL Entscheidungen zum Wirtschaftsrecht : EWiR   German
37 FSS Environment and planning D, Society & space   English
38 FST Environmental earth sciences   English
39 FST Environmental management   English
40 FHS Environmental microbiology   English
41 FST Environmental pollution   English
42 FST Environmental technology   English
43 FAH Esprit   French
44 FAH Essays in criticism   English
45 FSS Ethnography   English
46 FAH Etudes de linguistique appliquee   French
47 FLL Europaische Zeitschrift fur Wirtschaftsrecht : EuZW   German
48 FLL European competition law review : ECLR   English
49 FLL European current law : monthly digest   English
50 FED European educational research journal : EERJ   English
51 FLL European human rights law review   English
52 FLL European human rights reports   English
53 FSS European journal of cultural studies   English
54 FED European journal of education and psychology English
55 FHS European journal of endocrinology   English
56 ICMS European journal of immunology   English
57 FBA European journal of information systems   English
58 FLL European journal of international law   English
59 FLL European law review   English
60 FBA European management journal   English
61 FSS European review of agricultural economics   English
62 FSS European voice   English
63 FED Evaluation   English
64 FED Evaluation and program planning   English
65 FED Evaluation review   English
66 FST Experimental thermal and fluid science : ETF science   English