Current Academic Journals (By Title)

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No Faculty/Centre Title Print Online Language
1 FLL Cadernos de direito privado   Portuguese
2 FLL Cadernos de justiça administrativa   Portuguese
3 FLL Cadernos de justiça tributária   Portuguese
4 FBA Cambridge journal of economics   English
5 FST Canadian geotechnical journal   English
6 FHS Cancer   English
7 FHS Cancer cell   English
8 FHS Cancer discovery   English
9 FHS Cancer research   English
10 FHS Cell   English
11 FHS Cell host & microbe   English
12 FHS Cell metabolism   English
13 FHS Cell research   English
14 FHS Cell stem cell   English
15 FHS Cellular Reprogramming   English
16 FHS Chemistry & biology   English
17 FED Child development   English
18 FED Child Development Perspectives   English
19 FED Child education English
20 FSS China economic review   English
21 FLL China law and practice   English
22 GIFT China media research   English
23 FSS China quarterly   English
24 GIFT Chinese annals of mathematics Series B   English
25 FAH Chinese language and discourse English
26 LIB Choice   English
27 ICMS Circulation   English
28 FHS Clinical cancer research   English
29 FHS Clinical chemistry   English
30 FHS Clinical gastroenterology and hepatology   English
31 FHS Clinical pharmacology & therapeutics   English
32 FLL CMLR antitrust reports   English
33 LIB CNN 互動英語   English
34 FED Cognition & emotion   English
35 FED Cognition and instruction   English
36 FED Cognitive development   English
37 FAH Cognitive Semantics   English
38 LIB Collection management   English
39 FAH Coloquio Letras   Portuguese
40 FLL Commercial laws of Europe   English
41 FLL Common market law reports   English
42 FSS Communication arts   English
43 FSS Communication booknotes quarterly : CBQ   English
44 FSS Communication monographs   English
45 GIFT Communications of the ACM   English
46 FST Communications on pure and applied analysis   English
47 LIB Comparative politics   English
48 FLL Competition & consumer law news   English
49 FED Computers and education   English
50 FBA Contemporary accounting research   English
51 FLL Contratto e impresa Italian
52 FSS Contributions to political economy   English
53 FSS Convergence : the journal of research into new media technologies   English
54 FLL Criminal law & justice weekly : CL & J   English
55 FSS Critical studies in media communication : CSMC   English
56 FAH Critique : revue generale des publications francaises et etrangeres   English
57 FED Cross-cultural research   English
58 FSS Cultural studies, critical methodologies   English
59 FED Culture & psychology   English
60 FHS Current biology : CB   English
61 FHS Current opinion in cell biology   English
62 FED Curriculum inquiry   English