Current Academic Journals (By Title)

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No Faculty/Centre Title Print Online Language
1 LIB ABC 互動英語   English
2 FBA Accounting perspectives   English
3 FAH Across languages and cultures   English
4 FLL Actualite juridique, droit administratif : AJDA   French
5 FBA Administrative science quarterly   English
6 IAPME Advanced energy materials   English
7 IAPME Advanced functional materials   English
8 IAPME Advanced materials   English
9 LIB ALL + 互動英語   English
10 FST American Association for Artificial Intelligence membership   English
11 IAPME American journal of physics   English
12 FHS American journal of physiology Endocrinology and metabolism   English
13 FSS American law and economics review   English
14 GIFT Analise social   English
15 FAH Angelaki : journal of the theorectical humanities   English
16 ICMS Angewandte Chemie   English
17 FAH Annual review of applied linguistics   English
18 FSS Applied economics letters   English
19 FAH Applied linguistics   English
20 FST Applied mechanics reviews   English
21 IAPME Applied physics letters   English
22 FED Applied psycholinguistics   English
23 FED Applied psychological measurement   English
24 IAPME Applied spectroscopy   English
25 FSS APSA bundle   English
26 FLL Arbitration   English
27 FLL Arbitration international   English
28 FSS Archipel   French
29 FSS Architecture Asia   English
30 FLL Archiv fur die civilistische Praxis German
31 FAH Artibus Asiae   English
32 LIB Asia Pacific Biotech News   English
33 GIFT Asia Pacific defense forum   English
34 FED Asia Pacific journal of education   English
35 FBA Asia Pacific journal of management : APJM   English
36 LIB Asia Pacific translation and intercultural studies   English
37 FSS Asian and pacific migration journal: APMJ   English
38 FAH Asian art news   English
39 FBA Asian business and management   English
40 FAH Asian cinema   English
41 FSS Asian economic papers   English
42 FSS Asian economic policy review   English
43 FBA Asian journal of business ethics   English
44 FSS Asian journal of communication   English
45 FST Asian journal of control   English
46 FED Asian journal of counselling = 亞洲輔導學報   English
47 FED Asian journal of English language teaching   English
48 LIB Asian politics & policy   English
49 LIB Asia-Pacific journal of chemical engineering   English
50 FAH Asia-Pacific journal of risk and insurance   English
51 FSS Asia-Pacific psychiatry   English
52 CPU Assessment & evaluation in higher education   English
53 FSS Autism research : official journal of the International Society for Autism Research   English