Current Academic Journals (By faculty/Center)

No Faculty/Centre Title Print Online Language
1 FST American Association for Artificial Intelligence membership   English
2 FST Applied mechanics reviews   English
3 FST Asian journal of control   English
4 FST Biomedical engineering : applications , basis and communications   English
5 FST BIT : numerical mathematics   English
6 FST Canadian geotechnical journal   English
7 FST Communications on pure and applied analysis   English
8 FST Earthquake engineering & structural dynamics   English
9 FST Energy and buildings   English
10 FST Engineering geology   English
11 FST Enterprise Information Systems   English
12 FST Environmental earth sciences   English
13 FST Environmental management   English
14 FST Environmental pollution   English
15 FST Environmental technology   English
16 FST Experimental thermal and fluid science : ETF science   English
17 FST Geotechnical testing journal   English
18 FST Geotechnique English
19 FST Heat transfer engineering   English
20 FST ICCM notices : notices of the International Congress of Chinese Mathematicians English
21 FST International journal for numerical and analytical methods in geomechanics   English
22 FST International journal of circuit theory and applications   English
23 FST International journal of high speed electronics & systems   English
24 FST International journal of image and graphics   English
25 FST International journal of mobile and blended learning   English
26 FST International journal of plasticity   English
27 FST International journal of radiation oncology, biology, physics   English
28 FST International journal of RF and microwave computer-aided engineering   English
29 FST International journal of river basin management : JRBM   English
30 FST International journal of robust and nonlinear control   English
31 FST International journal of vehicle design   English
32 FST Journal of applied mechanics   Chinese
33 FST Journal of automobile engineering   English
34 FST Journal of biomedical materials research   English
35 FST Journal of circuits, systems, and computers   English
36 FST Journal of computer science and technology   English
37 FST Journal of constructional steel research : JCSR   English
38 FST Journal of fluid mechanics   English
39 FST Journal of fluids engineering   English
40 FST Journal of heat transfer   English
41 FST Journal of magnetic resonance imaging   English
42 FST Journal of materials processing technology   English
43 FST Journal of mechanical design   English
44 FST Literary and linguistic computing   English
45 FST Magnetic resonance in medicine   English
46 FST Medical physics English
47 FST Microwave and optical technology letters   English
48 FST Nature biotechnology   English
49 FST Nature cell biology   English
50 FST Nature chemical biology   English
51 FST Nature chemistry   English
52 FST Nature genetics   English
53 FST Nature immunology   English
54 FST Nature materials   English
55 FST Nature medicine   English
56 FST Nature nanotechnology   English
57 FST Nature neuroscience   English
58 FST Nature photonics   English
59 FST Nature physics   English
60 FST Nature reviews Cancer   English
61 FST Nature reviews Molecular cell biology   English
62 FST Nature structural & molecular biology   English
63 FST Neural computation   English
64 FST Nuclear medicine communications   English
65 FST physica status solidi (RRL) - Rapid Research Letters   English
66 FST Physical review E, Statistical, nonlinear and soft matter physics   English
67 FST Physics of fluids   English
68 FST Phytochemical analysis   English
69 FST Random matrices, theory and applications   English
70 FST SAE International journal of commercial vehicles   English
71 FST SAE International journal of engines   English
72 FST SAE International journal of passenger cars Electronic and electrical systems   English
73 FST SAE International journal of passenger cars Mechanical systems   English
74 FST Security and communication networks   English
75 FST SIAM journal on applied mathematics   English
76 FST SIAM journal on discrete mathematics   English
77 FST SIAM journal on matrix analysis and applications   English
78 FST SIAM journal on numerical analysis   English
79 FST SIAM journal on scientific computing   English
80 FST Soils and foundations English
81 FST Statistical Analysis and Data Mining   English
82 FST Steel & composite structures   English
83 FST The Visual computer   English
84 FST Thin-walled structures   English
85 FST Water research   English
86 FST 地工技術   Chinese
87 FST 應用數學學報   Chinese
88 FST 應用泛涵分析學報   Chinese
89 FST 數學學報   Chinese
90 FST 數學物理學報   Chinese
91 FST 數學的實踐與認識   Chinese
92 FST 數學通報   Chinese
93 FST 純粹數學與應用數學   Chinese
94 FST 計算機學報   Chinese
95 FST 計算機研究與發展   Chinese
96 FST 計算機輔助設計與圖形學學報   Chinese
97 FST 軟件學報   Chinese