Current Academic Journals (By faculty/Center)

No Faculty/Centre Title Print Online Language
1 FED Applied psycholinguistics   English
2 FED Applied psychological measurement   English
3 FED Asia Pacific journal of education   English
4 FED Asian journal of counselling = 亞洲輔導學報   English
5 FED Asian journal of English language teaching   English
6 FED British Journal of Educational Psychology   English
7 FED British journal of learning disabilities   English
8 FED Bulletin / Council for Research in Music Education   English
9 FED Child development   English
10 FED Child Development Perspectives   English
11 FED Child education English
12 FED Cognition & emotion   English
13 FED Cognition and instruction   English
14 FED Cognitive development   English
15 FED Computers and education   English
16 FED Cross-cultural research   English
17 FED Culture & psychology   English
18 FED Curriculum inquiry   English
19 FED Early childhood research quarterly   English
20 FED Economics of education review   English
21 FED Education finance and policy   English
22 FED Education in science : the bulletin of the Association for Science Education English
23 FED Educational administration quarterly : EAQ   English
24 FED Educational and psychological measurement   English
25 FED Educational assessment   English
26 FED Educational evaluation and policy analysis   English
27 FED Educational measurement : issues and practice   English
28 FED Educational philosophy and theory   English
29 FED Educational psychologist   English
30 FED Educational studies in mathematics   English
31 FED Educational technology   English
32 FED ELT journal   English
33 FED European educational research journal : EERJ   English
34 FED European journal of education and psychology English
35 FED Evaluation   English
36 FED Evaluation and program planning   English
37 FED Evaluation review   English
38 FED Higher education   English
39 FED Human-computer interaction   English
40 FED Infant behavior & development   English
41 FED International journal of Chinese education   English
42 FED International journal of early childhood   English
43 FED International journal of mathematical education in science and technology : IJMEST   English
44 FED International journal of physical education   English
45 FED International journal of science education   English
46 FED International journal of sports medicine   English
47 FED International piano   English
48 FED International sports studies   English
49 FED JALT Journal English
50 FED Journal for research in mathematics education   English
51 FED Journal of applied developmental psychology   English
52 FED Journal of applied measurement   English
53 FED Journal of applied research in intellectual disabilities : JARID   English
54 FED Journal of child language   English
55 FED Journal of computer assisted learning   English
56 FED Journal of curriculum studies   English
57 FED Journal of educational measurement = JEM   English
58 FED Journal of mathematics teacher education   English
59 FED Journal of research in science teaching   English
60 FED Journal of teacher education   English
61 FED Language and cognitive processes   English
62 FED Language assessment quarterly   English
63 FED Learning and instruction   English
64 FED Learning and motivation   English
65 FED Mathematics teacher   English
66 FED Mathematics teacher educator   English
67 FED Mathematics teaching in the middle school   English
68 FED Modern English teacher English
69 FED Monographs of the Society for Research in Child Development   English
70 FED Music teacher   English
71 FED New directions for child and adolescent development   English
72 FED News bulletin / National Council of Teachers of Mathematics   English
73 FED Policy futures in education   English
74 FED Prospects   English
75 FED Psychologia English
76 FED Qualitative inquiry : QI   English
77 FED Qualitative research : QR   English
78 FED Reflective practice   English
79 FED RELC journal   English
80 FED Review of educational research   English
81 FED School effectiveness and school improvement   English
82 FED School science review English
83 FED Science education   English
84 FED Sociological research online   English
85 FED Sociology of sport journal   English
86 FED Sport, education and society   English
87 FED Studies in educational evaluation   English
88 FED Studies in philosophy and education   English
89 FED Studies in science education   English
90 FED Teacher education and special education   English
91 FED Teachers College record   English
92 FED Teaching and teacher education   English
93 FED Teaching children mathematics   English
94 FED Teaching education   English
95 FED Teaching statistics   English
96 FED The international journal of arts education   English
97 FED The international journal of arts theory and history   English
98 FED The international journal of new media, technology and the arts   English
99 FED The international journal of social, political and community agendas in the arts   English
100 FED The international journal of the arts in society : annual review   English
101 FED The journal of child psychology and psychiatry and allied disciplines   English
102 FED The journal of humanistic counseling, education and development   English
103 FED The Journal of the learning sciences   English
104 FED The Stata journal   English
105 FED Theory and research in education : TRE   English
106 FED Theory into practice   English
107 FED World Englishes : WE   English
108 FED 中國美術教育   Chinese
109 FED 中小學外語教學   Chinese
110 FED 中小學英語教學與研究   Chinese
111 FED 二十一世紀   Chinese
112 FED 人民教育   Chinese
113 FED 全球教育展望   Chinese
114 FED 北京師範大學學報 社會科學版   Chinese
115 FED 外國教育研究   Chinese
116 FED 外語教學與研究   Chinese
117 FED 學前教育 (北京)   Chinese
118 FED 小學數學教師   Chinese
119 FED 小學語文教師   Chinese
120 FED 心理學報   Chinese
121 FED 心理科學   Chinese
122 FED 應用心理學   Chinese
123 FED 應用心理研究   Chinese
124 FED 教學月刊 中學版   Chinese
125 FED 教學月刊 小學版   Chinese
126 FED 教學與研究   Chinese
127 FED 教師教育研究 = Teacher education research   Chinese
128 FED 教育研究集刊   Chinese
129 FED 教育硏究   Chinese
130 FED 比較教育研究   Chinese
131 FED 測驗學刊   Chinese
132 FED 美學   Chinese
133 FED 英語學習   Chinese
134 FED 語文學習   Chinese
135 FED 語言教學與研究   Chinese
136 FED 課程, 教材, 教法   Chinese
137 FED 體育   Chinese
138 FED 體育科學   Chinese