Current Academic Journals (By faculty/Center)

No Faculty/Centre Title Print Online Language
1 FBA Accounting perspectives   English
2 FBA Administrative science quarterly   English
3 FBA Asia Pacific journal of management : APJM   English
4 FBA Asian business and management   English
5 FBA Asian journal of business ethics   English
6 FBA Cambridge journal of economics   English
7 FBA Contemporary accounting research   English
8 FBA European journal of information systems   English
9 FBA European management journal   English
10 FBA Global gaming business   English
11 FBA GST & commodity tax   English
12 FBA Information & management   English
13 FBA Information systems management   English
14 FBA Information systems research : ISR : a journal of the Institute of Management Sciences   English
15 FBA International business review   English
16 FBA International casino review   English
17 FBA International journal of accounting, auditing and performance evaluation   English
18 FBA International journal of behavioural accounting and finance   English
19 FBA International journal of business governance and ethics   English
20 FBA International journal of corporate governance   English
21 FBA International journal of research in marketing   English
22 FBA Journal of accounting and economics   English
23 FBA Journal of accounting research   English
24 FBA Journal of applied social psychology   English
25 FBA Journal of Asian economics   English
26 FBA Journal of banking and finance   English
27 FBA Journal of business & economic statistics   English
28 FBA Journal of business research   English
29 FBA Journal of business venturing   English
30 FBA Journal of consumer psychology   English
31 FBA Journal of consumer research   English
32 FBA Journal of economic psychology   English
33 FBA Journal of empirical finance   English
34 FBA Journal of financial economics   English
35 FBA Journal of international accounting, auditing & taxation   English
36 FBA Journal of international business studies   English
37 FBA Journal of international money and finance   English
38 FBA Journal of management   English
39 FBA Journal of marketing management   English
40 FBA Journal of monetary economics   English
41 FBA Journal of organizational behavior   English
42 FBA Journal of retailing   English
43 FBA Journal of world business : JWB   English
44 FBA Leadership quarterly   English
45 FBA Management science   English
46 FBA Omega   English
47 FBA Organization science   English
48 FBA Organization studies   English
49 FBA Pacific-Basin finance journal   English
50 FBA Psychology and marketing   English
51 FBA Review of accounting studies   English
52 FBA Strategic management journal   English
53 FBA The international journal of accounting   English
54 FBA The Journal of finance   English
55 FBA The journal of leadership studies   English
56 FBA The review of financial studies   English
57 FBA Tourism analysis   English
58 FBA Tourism economics : the business and finance of tourism and recreation   English